SPRING CLEANS ARE OUR SPECIALTY!Domestics Plus Spring Cleaning Brisbane Bayside and Redlands

We love Spring Cleaning – even when it’s not Spring!

Are you relaxed and happy in your home environment and proud of how you keep on top of all the cleaning without problems? That is FANTASTIC, and you would be surprised to know that in itself is something that most people find it hard to achieve on top of everything else that fills their busy day, so WELL DONE you!

But even if you are good at keeping the dust fairies at bay and the house looking nice, don’t discount the value of a good spring clean and getting on top of those “one day” jobs, like:

  • dusting venetian blinds and ceiling cornices;
  • wiping down skirting boards and architraves;
  • cleaning your oven;
  • wiping out cupboards;
  • scrubbing away grime and grit so that your windows shine;
  • cleaning insect screens, etc.

Spring Cleaning Brisbane Bayside + Redlands

Did you know that spring cleaning is our favourite job here at Domestics Plus Queensland, because the results are always so rewarding!

We love making kitchens and bathrooms sparkle, removing grubby marks from walls, getting your windows clean and streak free – you name it, we can do it so that you don’t have to!

Whether it’s a bond clean, regular fortnightly clean, or spring cleaning Brisbane bayside or Redlands, Domestics Plus is your local┬áprofessional leaning service.

As each particular spring cleaning job is different, we offer a free onsite quote to make sure we know the results you want to achieve, so that we can make that a reality for you.

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