Love walking into an immaculate bathroom first thing in the morning? Of course you do!

The gleaming surfaces not only boost your mood but also keep things sanitary, which is so important in a room that is prone to harbouring germs and unsightly mildew or mould.


As busy as you are, dedicating hours of precious free time to housework isn’t exactly thrilling. But with a little planning and clever investment of your money and time, these four hacks will take the hard work out of cleaning and give the fresh start to the day that you deserve.


#1 Clean design 

First up, consider updating your bathroom with a modern frameless shower screen. Old-fashioned shower recesses and frames have too many hard-to-reach corners where nasties like mould, grime and dirt accumulate over time.  

Frameless shower screens are a wise investment since they can be wiped clean effortlessly. As well as instantly giving your bathroom an aesthetic ‘lift’, they add value and appeal to your home. 

#2 Micro clean and declutter as you go 

If you are busy juggling kids’ activities, work deadlines, plus entertaining friends on the weekend, you may not have 2 hours straight for a deep clean. But you may have 10 minutes available – so what cleaning can you do in just 10 minutes? Could you wipe the basin, clean the mirror, or wipe your shower screen with a microfibre cloth so it stays immaculate?  

Break up the tasks as much as possible, working from top to bottom, and declutter as you go. Old shampoo bottles, cosmetics, outdated sanitiser, etc taking up space in your vanity cupboard? Throw them out. Regular cleaning in the lead-up to your BBQ or dinner party makes it easier to spruce up your bathroom before the guests arrive. 

#3 Know your style 

Are you sensitive to the smell of strong cleaning products? Nowadays there are many quality eco-products in the supermarket. They cost slightly more but if they are gentler on you and the planet, isn’t that worth it? Perhaps you could try inexpensive and low-irritant cleaners like baking soda and white vinegar alongside regular products. 

Knowing your cleaning style also helps. If you love being organised, set a weekly alarm on your phone for a thorough dusting and cleaning of bathroom surfaces. Find fun ways to motivate yourself either with the promise of a reward, trying out your latest playlist, etc.     


#4 Consult a cleaning fairy 

For those who are hard-pressed for time, hiring a domestic cleaner is the ideal solution. Domestics Plus Queensland prides itself on offering reliable cleaners who are trained to leave your home refreshingly clean and tidy. 

According to research, cleanliness adds immensely to our mental and physical wellbeing. Investing in a frameless shower screen – plus these cleaning hacks – will set you up nicely for a sparkling spotless bathroom you enjoy being in! 

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